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Budget Boten

Marinaweg 43
4924 AD Drimmelen

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Budgetboats is a company that specializes in the purchase and sale of large and small used boats in the cheapest price range.
On this website you will find the boats that require extra attention but that can certainly be turned into something beautiful. This also includes boats that have come to us through insurance, for example, or have been purchased through a marina, so that there is no known history of the boat.

A budget boat is by definition a boat that will have to be worked on. This work, technical and / or cosmetic, can differ per boat.

Budget boats come in all sizes and price categories. They are characterized by the fact that the market value and the sales value do not match. This low selling value often arises because people have been unable to maintain their boat for some time for various (private) reasons. You can then take advantage of this. Budget boats can be a great opportunity for handy people, traders and enthusiasts. Do you feel addressed in this? Contact us now!

We are located in the Marina of Drimmelen. Here you can also see most boats, but not all. That is why we recommend that you first contact one of our sellers before your visit.

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