Financing boat

The Netherlands is pre-eminently a water sports country. Every day there are many water sports enthusiasts sailing over the Dutch waters and that is contagious. If you want to buy a motor or sailing boat yourself, that is a considerable one-off investment. Without sufficient funds, a loan might be the solution. But what should you pay attention to when taking out a loan for a boat and what are the monthly costs for financing your future yacht? A loan can bring the new boat a lot closer, but let you well know about the different options.

Five questions and answers

If you want to borrow money for the purchase of a boat, there are various possibilities for this. On the website are several providers who would like to finance your new boat.

An interest rate depends on several factors such as type of financing or your financial position. In some cases the interest rate is remarkably low. Vigilance is required. Why is it that the rates are so low? Are there any costs for compulsory insurance or other products? The lender's risk analysis, based on, for example, age, duration or the type of contract, determines the interest rate. This is different for everyone. Also note how it is with early repayment. It may be that costs are charged for this while another party can redeem it free of charge. This can vary per society.

Personal loan
With a personal loan it is possible to borrow a fixed amount in one go. You know immediately where you stand. For the entire term you pay a fixed amount with a fixed interest and repayment per month. It is also possible to redeem early or early. Conditions are attached to this which differ per financier.

Revolving credit
With a revolving credit you withdraw money when it is needed. With such a credit, the term and repayment are flexible. The interest rate is that and can therefore rise or fall. With this variant, it is also possible to redeem conjugated.
Always let you know what suits you best.

The amount you can borrow depends entirely on your personal situation. Think of income, monthly payments and other financial obligations. A provider will calculate an amount based on this data that you can borrow as much as possible. Please note that this loan involves extra monthly costs. Points of interest are the duration, monthly amount and the repayment period. The longer the term, the more you ultimately pay interest.

It is always wise to see if a saving is possible, so that the monthly costs are also lower. It also makes sense to see whether the existing loan can be transferred at better conditions. It is always possible to compare different lenders to see whether the most recent interest rate and conditions still apply for this loan.

Our advice.

No matter what you do. Our advice. Always let yourself be well informed about the different options tailored to your personal situation. Click on one of the providers below for a calculation of the monthly costs.

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