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29 results
29 results

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Business / Private

Saver 520 open incl 50 pk mercury
Dim. 5.3 m |
€ 17.500, -
Comfortina 35
Bj 1994 | Dim. 10.7 m |
€ 59.000, -
MARIL Pilot / Pilot one-off
Bj 2000 | Dim. 9.50 m |
€ 78.000, -
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Calf 29 boats for sale on
29 boats for sale that match your search are offered on Calf . Do you have a Calf for sale then create a new advertisement. If you have additions / comments on the above text, please contact us. Calf KBT tandem axle, 2000kg., Calf Trailler Three Asser 3500 KG, calf trailer W 2000, 6.4 , Calf S 3000-74V, Calf S 3500-74V, Calf M 2500-67V, Calf S 2700-67V, Calf M 1350-57V, Calf R 1300-57V, Calf R 1100-57V, Calf R 1300-52V, Calf L 750-55K, Calf R 1100-52V, Calf L 650-50 K, Calf R 750-57V, Calf R 750-52V, Calf D 600-50K, Calf D 600-45K, Calf BOATLAND 1500, Calf M 1800-57V, Calf M 2000-62V, Calf M 1500-57V , Calf Trailering R 750 Sailboat, Calf Trailer new 550 kg, Calf Trailer new 2700 Kg Boatland

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